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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #10: Name the Spokesperson

Migraine Awareness Month #10: Name the Spokesperson. Choose any celebrity to represent Migraine (whether they have Migraine or not) who would it be and why?

I think Kristin Chenoweth would be a great spokesperson for Migraine Disease since she actually lives with the condition.  She is an Emmy and Tony award winning actress and singer who has appeared on Broadway and television. She has struggled with migraines as well as other health conditions but continues to work and achieve. At one point in her life, she described having debilitating migraines once a week until finally agreeing to Botox treatments. Since then, her migraines have been under control.  Speak up, Kristin! Let the world know that you can have migraines and still be productive. So many migraineurs live under the stigma of their condition and try to hide it for fear of being denied jobs, promotions, etc. It's time for us to come out from under the covers!

"National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger's Challenge is initiated by"


  1. I think it is always better if a spokesperson really understand the disease they are the spokesperson for..........more awareness needs to brought to Migraine Disease, as just so many people think it is just another headache........

  2. Why on earth would anyone deny someone a promotion because of migraines? Usually you get a promotion because you're doing an excellent job. So if you've been doing such a great job despite the migraines, why would they expect you to suddenly stop after the promotion?

    Just curious.


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