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Friday, November 5, 2010

C'Mon, Get Happy!

What has the world come to? First Florence Henderson struts her wrinkled, old hoochie stuff on "Dancin' With the Stars," and now my former pre-teen crush David Cassidy has been arrested in South Florida for DUI!!! My innocent memories of "The Brady Bunch" and "The Partridge Family" may never recover after this double whammy! And, tell me, how did David Cassidy get to be 60 years old?!! That's old, dude! How the heck could I have a crush on an old dude? Of course, he claims that he wasn't drunk but tired from an early morning funeral he attended. He also admitted to taking a pain pill for his back. UGH! Attending funerals and back problems! That's no way for a teen idol to behave!!! And have you seen his mug shot? It makes Lindsay Lohan's look like it was done at Glamour Shots!

not a good look for David
This is how David should look

David, David, David. You went from a psychedelic bus to a white Mercedes, from a groovy hippie kid to an alcohol abusing, pain killer using old guy. How could this happen to one of my very first crushes when I've managed to remain so vibrant, youthful, and sexy this entire time? Ah, the mysteries of the universe...


  1. I am old too girl but I try to take better care of this old body. One of my crushes was for Lori Morgan the country singer and I actually saw her in person not too long back and believe me she still has it. Not an ounce of fat on her and looking good. Some know how to do it.

  2. Hilarious as usual.:0)
    The only thing that remained young on me is my brain. I think!
    Oh heck, sure it is...or is it????
    Isn't it??????? :0(

  3. It is so funny that you should have a post about David Cassidy. Yesterday, I saw his reincarnation at Walmart! The two young (well, they were younger than me) cashiers were drooling all over this poor boy. I said, "He is a little cutie. He has a whole David Cassidy vibe going on, doesn't he?" They were like, "Huh?"
    Anyway, he had the whole look: long, dark hair; tall skinny frame, gorgeous eyes. Ok, I'm bordering on kiddie porn, so I'll stop now. He looked at least 18 to me, though...

  4. I think it's so weird that he hated doing that stupid TV show and after he got old and ugly he started doing another dumbass tv show about being an undiscovered star. Poor David.


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