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Friday, November 12, 2010

And Speaking of Adoption...

We had so much fun adopting a word the other day that we decided it would be fun to adopt something else. Here he is: 
We named him Robin Goodfellow but call him "Puck." He's a Maltese, and we got him from a rescue group. He's estimated to be about 4 years old. We had assurances from his foster mom that he is completely housetrained and nondestructive.  As soon as he was left with us, he proceeded to urinate in our kitchen and bedroom and this morning he christened our living room with a lovely poop! He's been scratching up the furniture and carpet as well! But he's cute as can be.

"You're on my blanket dude-prepare to die!"
Our resident dog, Soni, seems to be tolerating the intruder fairly well, with only mild complaining. Right now, he's hiding from him under my computer desk and groaning! We're sure they're going to be best buddies soon (as long as Puck doesn't try to take Soni's spot on the couch again!) If this adoption goes well, next month we're off to China for twin girls (just kidding; it takes longer than that to adopt a baby from China!)

Thank you to Mrs. Hyde for the shout-out in her blog! Check her out at  A Bitch Called Mom
for some honest, funny, and thoughtful stuff.


  1. I have a rescue pom that does the same thing.
    Know from whence you come.
    What the 11 year old grand did as a baby to stain my rugs, Lady added to it. :0(
    Good thing our dogs look so adorable ...isn't it???
    He's a cutie and a keeper.:0)
    psssst Think the lady told you a fib though.

  2. Hey girl, Congratulation on your new family member. In another life I knew a lady that had two Maltese (Jack & Little Do). They looked just like yours. Little Do was unique in that when he ran to greet you he would always run in circles for about 30 sec to a minute. I loved being around them, they were so loving. Hope you get the depositing under control.

  3. Aw, maybe he's just anxious about his new home. I don't know really, just trying to offer some hope. That's why I prefer cats. All I have to do is scoop the litter box, and that's a job God specifically made kids for.

  4. Dave from the "male" roomNovember 13, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    He is a cutie! No doubt about it! I still wish you hadn't traded our daughter in for him, though.

  5. They are adorable. And you are so funny. Though two dogs one house...I see where things are going.

  6. Cute?? I see a sneer and an evil glint in his eyes. I think he enjoys being a rescue group dog and is doing what he can to get back to foster mom. I'd give him back or take him to obedience school. I'm with Mrs. Hyde, I prefer cats. Altho' cats can have attitudes too. Animals are really not so different from people, don't you think? I've enjoyed reading your curmudgeon humor.

  7. Blu-I'd-Blonde: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the rants. We are working with a doggie behaviorist to get the little tyrant under control, and he's improving...slowly...


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