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Monday, October 11, 2010

Take the Bait!

One of my favorite websites/blogs, Neatorama, has a "Name That Weird Invention" contest in which you, well, name a weird invention. I was inspired by the swim/fishing gear to the left and entered. Alas, I did not win, but my entry was mentioned by the artist, of which I am oh-so-proud! Three guesses which one is mine, and if it takes you more than one guess, you don't know me at all!

The artist, Steven Johnson, said, “I was blown away by the cleverness of many of the names. I also noticed that a well-conceived name made my art seem funnier!” So he wanted to recognize these entries as Honorable Mentions: The Flopcatch, Masterbaiters, Toe Tacklers, Self Contained Underwater Baiting Apparatus (SCUBA), Flipplures, Trollfins, FlipperDippers, SCUBait, Flip-o-bait, Flip Service, Kickbait, Flipping Hookers, Toe-Bait-O’s, and Stuck in pro-bait.

Here's the link for the Neatorama home site. Check it out!


  1. Very unique item for sure and I will be checking out the site too.

  2. this contest is fucking awesome


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