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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kentucky Fried Stupid

Does anyone else think the current KFC promotion "Buckets for the Cure" is a While I applaud corporate donations to worthy causes, this particular combination strikes me as miscalculated. I mean, I LOVE fried chicken, KFC in particular, even though I know it's terrible for me and my ever expanding waistline. I also donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research. However, pink buckets of KFC are just wrong. Research has shown that a high fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer. Just what is the fat content of all that KFC oozing its delicious greasiness down the sides of that pink bucket and making a translucent blob on the bottom? Also, something about ordering up a big pink bucket for dinner that contains...BREASTS....well, it's just weird! Maybe McDonald's should consider donating to the American Heart Association every time a customer supersizes! I think I'll go have a salad.


  1. damn, woman, you've been clever all your life, you know that?

  2. Aw, thanx kirf! I'm so happy someone other than my husband has commented (no offense, Dave!) ;)

  3. Dave from the "male" roomSeptember 25, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    two buckets, one for each breast! Makes perfect sense to me!


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