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Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Big is Your Love?

You've gotta give it to the DC schools--when they say they want to prevent teen pregnancy, they mean it. Their latest prevention effort is a revamped condom distribution plan. The previous plan was a failure partly because the kids said they hated the brand of condoms that were distributed by the schools. Uncomfortable and "not cool." Now, I know some people say that if you're given something for free and it's something that you need, then you shouldn't complain about it. Do those people have teenagers? Do those people even know a teenager? Branding is everything. Being cool matters. Thus, the DC schools are now giving away Magnum XLs, the preferred brand of condom for the hip urban youth. And I'm not being sarcastic when I state that I think this is a GREAT IDEA!!! Sure, teens should wait to have sex. Sure, those who are sexually active should use whatever is available and not complain about it, but prevention is about working with what is, not what should be. If Magnum XLs are mentioned in rap lyrics, if they're more comfortable, if they're more cool, then use Magnum XLs! Anything to get teens to use condoms. It probably doesn't hurt that the label says XL either (think Magnum "Averages" would be as popular?) I can think of some great ad campaigns too: "I never go anywhere without my Magnum!" "Show her how big your love is with Magnum XL!" "Can you fill a Magnum?" "Let tonight be explosive with Magnum XL!" I could just go on and on....Maybe I should write ad copy! Anyway, a toast to one smart thing the DC schools has done (anyone have a magnum of champagne?) Let's just hope the abstinence harpies don't ruin it!

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  1. Well written.
    P.S.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your fish must be dead.
    Dead or they leaped out of your tank.
    It's EMPTY! :0)


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