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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Tell Em, Neil!

Well, I'm off then! Seeing Billy Elliot next Wednesday!!! Of course, being an intellectual, liberal Jew-mouse anyway, I didn't need this reassurance, but I thought I'd pass it along to anyone who was still hesitant about seeing Broadway shows! Guys, take the ladies. You may just earn some major points.


  1. if i were famous, i'd have a party, and i'd invite Neil Patrick Harris, and no-one else . . .

  2. Lovkyne-You probably have, but did you watch NPH in Dr. Horrible when it came out on Hulu? If not, here's the YouTube link:

  3. Have a hellofa good time!
    Never had the pleasure of being in New York to see a show. Did get to shop in a few stores,walk in the park and walk into St.Patricks, but my main business there was attending a seminar for chiropractors.
    The closest I got was to people emptying out of the shows while I walked on the sidewalk and tried not to get trampled. :0)

  4. I sent my daughter to see Billy Elliot. Does that earn me any points?

    Came over from darev's blog. Anyone who begins a random list of music with Husker Du deserves my respect. :)

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