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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

Natalie Portman can kiss my tuchas with her Golden Globe! I got me a blog award! My sister from another mister, Mrs. Hyde, at A Bitch Called Mom has bestowed upon yours truly the LOL Award. It's satisfying to know that there is at least one other person who appreciates my atomic sarcasm and obsessive rumination on humanity's inanity. Mrs. Hyde, you are my sister-in-snark! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So the "rules" of this award say that I'm supposed to reveal 7 things that my blog readers don't know about me. I don't want to bore you with facts about where I was born and what my favorite color is (zzzzz.....), so this may take some thinking.

1. I have a degree in clinical psychology (seriously, I do!) And, yes, I am analyzing you right now.
2. I met my husband-to-be when he literally tripped over me at a party and laughed at my shirt (it said "Eve was framed")
3. I have never smoked a (tobacco) cigarette in my life
4. I have a passion for volunteering and do or have done the following volunteer jobs: tutor, counselor, Planned Parenthood escort, Nature Center educator, Hospice bereavement group facilitator, Meals on Wheels driver, Girl Scout leader, teen mom support group educator
5. I wrote a reader's story under the name of "Lola" for Playgirl in the 1980s
6. I have another blog called Mouse Droppings where I post creative writing
7. I have seen the Bitchy Waiter in the Fantasticks and have met him in person!

Now, I'm supposed to nominate other blogs for this award. This is tough because Mrs. Hyde and I tend to follow the same people, and I'm NOT going to give you this award again if that's what you're thinking, you big fat award hogs!

My winners for the LOL Award are the following (in no particular order):

There! I think my work here is done. Cue the music. Camera zoom in for my close-up. Cue the crocodile tears. Thank you again Mrs. Hyde. I couldn't have done it without you and without the inspiration from all the moronic jackwagons out there in the world who give me so much to rant about. I know I'm forgetting someone...I want to thank my family, my dogs, who provide me with so much ranting material, my fellow Americans, organized religion, politicians, the television industry, Oprah, that moron at the gas station, those ignorant rednecks at the liquor store.....


    1. You crack me up girl and I enjoy visiting your blog so much. Congratulations on the award.

    2. Thanks Odie! Much appreciated! : )

    3. Awwww, thanks so much for the award! I feel so flattered by proof my rhymes aren't ignored. I must admit, I'm not much for these type of award acceptance rules, but I do promise promise to pass it along to some of my fellow blogging fools. :o)

    4. Yaaaay! Congrats! I love " Eve was framed". Although not so much because we've been paying for it ever since (lol). I like the one that reads; " knock, knock. Eve asks, "who's there?"
      answer: "Adam", Eve: "Adam who?".

    5. I am SO jealous that you've met bitchy waiter in person! Next time, call me up so I can come with.

      a bitch called mom
      the well fed spirit


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