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Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's That Girl, Er, Boy?

Andrej Pejic
We all know that top models are impossibly skinny, waiflike creatures who are, in essence, clothes hangers with eyeliner and bear no resemblance to actual human females. Meet the latest "It" girl to sashay down the runway-Andrej Pejic. He's a guy!

The 19 year-old from Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the hottest male models right now. He appears in the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign and is being shot for French and Italian Vogues. He will also appear in Gaultier's spring 2011 campaign with model Karolina Kurkova in matching pleated trench coats and fishnet tights.
Now I have no problem with Pejic. Frankly, he's gorgeous. And androgyny has always been at home in modeling and high fashion.  What does disturb me, however, is that designers are now considering the male form an ideal for designing women's clothing. Somehow, the perfect female model has gotten so skinny, so flat chested, and so lacking in body fat that she may as well be an adolescent boy! This is rather disturbing. No wonder real women have trouble finding clothes that fit properly. And no wonder girls and women have such conflicted relationships with their bodies! Face it-no amount of dieting is going to make us look like Andrej! Guess I may as well have some ice cream then!
Who's that girl, er, boy?



  1. Coulda fooled me.....I need to see the birth certificate or cop a feel. ;0)

  2. Yes, this is very disturbing. I feel so sorry for our young girls who are now supposed to think that they must be shaped like boys to be beautiful. How the hell is that going to play out? You can't fight nature, so I guess they'll start giving mastectomies to women with perfectly healthy breasts. What a travesty!

    a bitch called mom

  3. This is when we as individuals must make our own subjective choices as to what we like, what we wish to view, what we should believe when we read. Observe with graduated 'awe' for life will present many things that will confuse us. Maybe this is what is being stated here, challenging both genders with choices of life's muses.


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