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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Fox News, I Wish...

I’m writing to you
To make perfectly clear
Although I am Jewish
You don’t need to fear
That I want to take Christ
Out of your Christmas
And starting a “war”
Is not on my wish list
There’s more than one festival
Round ‘bout December
It’s nice to acknowledge them all
And remember…
When I say “Happy Holidays,”
 I mean no offense
If you take it that way
You’re just being dense!


1 comment:

  1. Gracias mi amiga. I always wish 'everyone' Happy Holidays without intention of evicting anyone from their personal abode ornamented with their choice of lights.

    Fox News embraces its created abysmal society and guess who they 'blindly' crown as their Rex?
    Hint: His name begins with One of the biblical three kings' gifts and ends where his yacht is parked.

    Happy Holidays mi amiga


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