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Monday, November 12, 2012



My state got it right!

 “Until this election, gay marriage had been defeated more than 30 times when put to voters around the country. But Maryland bucked that trend, voting to allow gay and lesbian couples to obtain civil marriage licenses. The state legislature passed a bill making the change earlier this year, and Governor Martin O’Malley signed it. But opponents successfully petitioned to put the issue before voters, who offered their endorsement Tuesday.” (Washington Post)


  1. While it's disturbing to see any group's basic civil rights put to a public vote to decide whether they should receive them or not, it is still fabtastic that Maryland came through!

  2. Here, here! Echoing Fireblossom's comment. Sad commentary when we as a nation of such wondrous intended founding are still dealing with 'basic' human issues. Phew, glad I got that off my chest. Thanks to this wonderful
    'ranting' site.

    Gracias, lolamouse

  3. Hey, Beautiful! Long time, no see. I came to visit my friends at Blogger and almost everyone is gone! Good to see a friendly face. Miss you!


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