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Monday, September 24, 2012

Why I Love My Kid

So my daughter unfortunately inherited my migraines. She takes birth control pills to regulate her hormones to try to help control the headaches. I recently went to get her refill and was told that she should have 2 more months supply left. She swore she didn't have any left. After swearing to the pharmacy that they never gave us 3 months supply on the original prescription, they gave us the missing pills at no charge (thank goodness!)

My husband then makes a joke about my daughter pulling a fast one on the pharmacy and running a black market birth control ring at her high school. Without missing a beat, she responds, "No, I'm just hoarding them in case Mitt Romney becomes President."  Is it any wonder I love that kid?!!

Found on The Peoples Boycott’s Facebook page. Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr. Originally submitted by volunteer editor Kirby C.

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