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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Hubby was at a conference in Charlottesville, VA, where I used to go to school. I remembered (much too fondly) a little donut place called Spudnuts that had the most awesome donuts. Wouldn't you know, he found it and brought me home a dozen honey glazed (my absolute fav!) and 1/2 dozen chocolate covered. What a guy!

In Halloween news, my daughter looked awesome as Abby from NCIS.

My dogs, Soni and Puck, were dressed as a doctor and nurse for the occasion.

We've had Puck for nearly a year now (adopted him at about age 4) and still haven't been able to totally housebreak him (as my tinkle soaked scrapbooks will attest to-BAD DOG!), so I got crafty and made him a belly band. It wraps around his waist and has an absorbent pad inside it (actually a Kotex!) He doesn't seem to mind, and now he can roam the house, and I don't have to worry about my carpet, furniture, and possessions getting marked. I will, however, have the vet check him out again at his next appointment to make sure all is well physically.

Hey, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to wear a Kotex!

Hope you all had a good Halloween if you participate. Happy November. Please keep my friend Micael in your thoughts. He's in the hospital with a serious illness and needs good vibes.


  1. How ingenuous and HOW FUNNY!
    Now i wish mine was a boy instead of a girl doggie. If he ever gets teased over it I have found male inserts that might work just as well. ;0)

  2. My thoughts to Micael are that his pain is small, if at all and that his mind and heart rides upon a cloud of quiet comfort.


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