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Monday, July 25, 2011

Imagine That!!!

Do you love art? Are you looking for that perfect something for that blank wall in your home or office but just can't seem to find the exact right piece? Well, have I got a place for you! The pieces in this museum's collection won't clash with your living room color scheme or make your ugly shag carpeting look old because they DON'T EXIST. That's right, folks. The art is "non-visible" in that it exists only in the imagination! What total bullcrap originality! Here is their explainer video:

The Museum of Non-Visible Art (MONA) calls itself "an extravaganza of imagination." Their promotional site claims that we live in 2 separate worlds, one visible and one of the mind. "Composed entirely of ideas, the Non-Visible Museum redefines the concept of what is real. Although the artworks themselves are not visible, the descriptions open our eyes to a parallel world built of images and words. This world is not visible, but it is real, perhaps more real than the world of matter, and it is also for sale." By the way, they also have a nice bridge to sell you!

If their description was not crystal clear, the gist is this: someone, whom MONA deems an "artist," imagines a work of art. It may be a painting, a sculpture, a work of media, or something else. The person then describes this artwork but does not actually create it. Then, for a certain amount of money, you, the dupe buyer, purchase this work of imagination and then "display" it in your own home or wherever. You then describe it to others, who will then "see" it in their imaginations. Brilliant, right?!! Now, don't think that you get absolutely nothing for your money. Oh no! You get a "card" to hang on your wall, to prove that you bought the piece of art to describe to your "audience."

This is all a joke, you say? No one would actually spend money on someone else's imaginary art, you say? WRONG! Aimee Davison, a "new media producer," recently paid $10,000 (that's  ten thousand dollars, not ten dollars!) for a MONA piece entitled "Fresh Air." This piece was described as "A unique piece, only this one is for sale. The air you are purchasing is like buying an endless tank of oxygen. No matter where you are, you always have the ability to take a breath of the most delicious, clean-smelling air that the earth can produce. Every breath you take gives you endless peace and health. This artwork is something to carry with you if you own it. Because wherever you are, you can imagine yourself getting the most beautiful taste of air that is from the mountain tops or fields or from the ocean side; it is an endless supply." You may think, "Why can't I just imagine fresh, clean air from the mountain tops or fields or ocean myself and not have to pay thousands of dollars for it?" Clearly, you are a philistine and don't appreciate that this imaginary air was dreamed up by an actual artist, not just by a schlub like you!

So, go check out MONA and see imagine all the innovative art you could proudly own! I'm saving up my money-there's a big wall in my rec room that's totally empty and it's going to take a LOT of imagination to fill it up!

The actor James Franco is standing next to his art work. You can't see it, of course, because it exists only in his head.


  1. I am imagining a scathing comment. Oh, you can't see it. But you can buy it for ten thousand dollars. Would you like it wrapped in invisible gift wrap?


  2. I Guess I'm a PhilistineJuly 25, 2011 at 10:38 AM

    This one really takes the cake! The no-calorie, sugar-free, fat-free, flour-free, 100% ingredient-free (and taste-free, unfilling) cake, that is.

  3. I don't know about art, but I sure love this! Wonderful!

  4. Anyone involved with that organization needs to be placed in a padded room to protect themselves from further harm.

  5. Good lord... this further convinces me that the human race is actually devolving... wow...

  6. the homeless should get in on this

  7. Those hoity-toity types have gone to a new level.

  8. HILARIOUS! I think I've found my new career. Excuse me while I go sell some non-visual art... :)

  9. It looks like James Franco missed a button on his shirt. Is that part of his art?


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