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Monday, March 14, 2011

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

By now you've probably set all of your clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time, right? Me neither! Those wall clocks are a pain, and those little decorative clocks that just sit and gather dust and look pretty I will get around to one of these days. If you want help setting your clocks straight for DST or after a power outage, however, don't count on Time anymore. That's Time, with a capital "T." As in one of the first telephone numbers I learned as a child after my own home number: T-I-4 and any 4 numbers. This was well before you had to dial an area code. Now, you must dial a local area code with the Time number, but in our area, Verizon has provided the Time service for more than 70 years. Ditto the weather. Weather's number is W-E-6 and any 4 numbers. That is, until June 1, 2011. On that sad date, Verizon will discontinue both the Time and Weather services.

If you call either of these numbers now, before the chipper recordings of someone helpfully telling you the exact time or what the current temperature and the daily forecast is, you will hear a somber announcement informing you that come June 1, you can say goodbye to these services. Now I know that there are many people, many, many people who had no idea that these services even existed and don't care a whit that they're being discontinued. They may say that with cell phones, satellite programmed clocks, PDAs, weather channels, and computer sites, there is no need for a telephone service for Time and Weather. To these people, I offer an offended "Hmnph!" Some of us have older TVs and clocks and don't care to keep our cell phones, TV, or computers running 24/7. Sometimes a phone call for me is the quickest and most convenient way to find the information I need. I know, I'm a relic. I still have a landline. Deal with it!

I can't believe that it costs Verizon all that much to maintain this service. I, for one, will be writing to the company to voice my outrage at the diminution of customer service. If anyone out there would care to join me, you can e-mail Keith at and call Verizon at 1-800-VERIZON. If you don't have Verizon, check out your area and see if you have Time and Weather. Then see if someone is trying to take it away from you without you noticing. Then speak up.


  1. Ours is 252-442-5191 and like yours has been operating forever and I just tried it and it works. Hopefully it will continue to work.

  2. You are an ADORABLE relic!

  3. At the tone, the time will be now. The weather is as follows: periods of sun followed by periods of clouds.

    You're welcome. ;-)

  4. Good grief! I so completely forgot about dialing the Time service on our rotary phone to set our clocks! It's so crazy to have completely forgotten that, and now to so vividly remember it - though I don't remember what the number was.



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