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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JC Penney, A Cultural Leader?

How times change! Fifteen years ago, when advertisers heard that comedian Ellen DeGeneres planned to "come out" on her popular TV sitcom, many of them fled. JC Penney was one of them. Today, whether for economic or cultural reasons, JC Penney is not running from same sex couples but is recognizing them (at least the lesbians) in their advertising! They've even hired Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson!

JC Penney
In their May 2012 catalog, JC Penney features a section for clothing called "Freedom of Expression" in which a real life same sex couple, Wendi and Maggie, appear with their daughters. Both women appear to be wearing wedding rings. 

Of course, wherever someone recognizes the ability of gay or lesbian people to have normal, healthy families, someone has to protest. Here we have One Million Moms, who object to JC Penney "clearly taking sides in the culture war." I wasn't aware that having two moms and their kids model clothes for a retailer was an act of war. Who knew? One Million Moms and other anti-LGBT groups are calling for boycotts of JC Penney and the removal of this ad from the catalog.  

If you agree that ALL families deserve representation in advertising (how about a gay couple next?), then sign the petition below and support JC Penney's use of this ad. Pass it along. Thanks.|Online Petition Form


  1. Go, JCP!

    I have never been able to understand why some people, who are not gay, have such passionate feelings against those of us who are. It doesn't make any sense.

  2. I remember when Ellen came out and all the fuss that went with it me I didn't get it but then I don't care about whether someone is straight or gay as long as they aren't mass murders or serial killers...........


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