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Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am The Lorax. I Speak for Mazda and IHop

It all started way back...
such a long, long time back...
Way back in the days when the grass was still green
and the pond was still wet
and the clouds were still clean,
and the song of the
Swomee-Swans rang out in space...

Then Hollywood said, 
"Let's make 'Lorax,' the movie
with lots of "green" tie-ins
it sure will be groovy."

But they lost the moral
Seuss wrote in the tale
that greed and consumption
may lead things to fail.

Most of the products
stamped "Lorax approved"
are all about profit
and should be removed.

Pancakes with sprinkles?
disposable diapers?
hotel chains and printers?
What's wrong with these vipers?!!

And then there is Mazda
 going into the schools
offering money
with very few rules.

 "Just get your folks
to test drive our car
then we'll give you cash
that's how great we are!"

"The Lorax, he loves our
 brand new SUVs;
they're cool and they're friendly
to Truffula Trees!"

A lone voice of reason
was heard from afar
a child said, "The Lorax 
doesn't drive a car."


  1. A rant! Hooray!

    I hate how kids' movies today are just excuses for product tie-ins.

  2. I haven't read The Lorax but I've heard this complaint quite a bit which makes me think the execs that decided to do the movie hadn't read it either.

  3. Dr. Seuss is smiling REALLY BIG in heaven from hearing your words. I haven't seen the movie yet, but now I'm not sad that I've delayed! Hollywood always has to be Hollywood, doesn't it? I love, LOVE the ending here. So innocent and true. :)


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