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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stand Back! I Feel a Rant Coming On!

What NOT to say to a woman you've just met who's in your ob/gyn office for an appointment with you because her regular doctor isn't available:

"Do you still get menstrual periods?"

What I wanted to answer: "Exactly how old do I look to you, bitch? I know that some women are in menopause by my age but by no means all. Do I look 80 years old? If I don't look at least 80, then don't ask me that question in that manner, you moron! How about, 'When was your last period?' Isn't that more subtle? Try that next time, you stupid cow!"

What I actually answered: "Yes."

And I still want to rip out her ovaries through her nostrils and hang them from my rear view mirror! (as a warning to others to be more sensitive when dealing with women "of a certain age.")

By the way, has anyone seen my hormones? And I've had a fuckin' migraine for the last 3 days that feels like someone's twisting my eyeball around in its socket.


  1. I am sooooooooo sorry Lolamouse and hope you feel better very quickly. Your blog family loves you.

  2. Ouch!!! Hehellooo. Morning???? (notice I didn't say 'good' morning) Can I get you a warm cocao and some waffles?

  3. Odie: Thank you. You're so sweet! I'll keep popping the Imitrex and pushing on...

    nene: YES!!!

  4. Sorry about the dyslexic moment 'cocao' vs 'cocoa'but I think I felt your rant at that very moment. Comming right up!

  5. Damn, I meant 'coming'. You've got me so 'mistwittled'!


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